Partners In Design


Alex is fired.

For making me crack up at work.

Can you answer 18 questions about the first friend on your top? Don't change your top friends, and answer 18 questions about that first person!

1) Name?
Partners In Design -Shalimar, Laz, and Paul

2) What is their sexual orientation?
We are potatoes.

3)Where did you meet?
Shalimar and Laz I met in high school and Paul through Shal.

4) Is this person one of your friends?
Yup :-)

5) Would you date this person?
I am Shalimar's whore and am marrying Laz for citizenship. Paul doesn't like that I am a foreigner.

6)Where did this question go?

7) Is this person older than you?
No I am the oldest of the bunch actually

8) when is the last time you saw this person?
I saw Shalimar and Laz last Sat, and Paul on Thursday

9) Do you miss them?

10) Are you related to this person?

11) Do you have nicknames for each other?
many things I can't say in public

12) Is that person bringing sexy back?

13) Do you think that person will re post this?
maybe Shalimar... maybe

14) Why is this person #1 on your top?
Because Partners In Design saved me from my stupid artist's block! Yayie!

15) Have you seen this person cry?

16) Do you know this persons last name?
Yes I know them all!

17) What's something the person is obsessed with?

18) Does this person make you laugh?
I've exploded twenty times now


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(donald trump hand montion) Your Fired!