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Holy Posters Batman

Ok....Now THESE are cool posters:

*EDIT* Apparently they're not all Stephane Kardos', but they're brilliant nonetheless.
*EDIT* I've re-arranged the posters to make it clearer who did what.

Designed by Stephane Kardos:

*EDIT* Designed by Eric Tan:


Alexandra said...

Omg these are so freaking Sweeeeeeeet ! I love the one of Remy and Emile floating on dirty dishes in the sink. God this movie rocked my face off.

Stef said...

Hey Guys! Thank you very much for the post about the posters. Just one thing, I've only designed 3 of these posters, Remy holding a glass of wine, Chapeau de Chef Gusteau and the one of Remy next to the bottle of Champagne.
The other ones have been designed by Eric Tan, an amazing Designer at Disney in L.A.

Paul said...

Oh! Sorry about that! Thanks for clearing that up.
Your work, and especially these posters are really outstanding.

Thanks for coming by!