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Ron Mueck/ Sculptor

Sometime last year, I went with a group of friends (one of them being Shalimar) to PS-1 to take a gander at some of the contemporary art that was being produced by the artists of today. I can remember distinctly being thrilled and surprised by some of the pieces being exhibited and having a renewed faith in contemporary art. The work was raw and emotional, and had a sense of substance that I hadn't come across in a while, having been a frequent of galleries in the city. Ironically though, one of the biggest inspirations of that experience was not one of the artist's showing their work, but a book I impulsively decided to pick up in the book shop. The book was a monograph of artist/sculptor Ron Mueck. His work captivated me instantly and was filled with an extreme sense of feeling.

Ron Mueck, An Australian Hyper-Realistic Sculptor, Is currently a free creating artist in Great Britian. Mueck's early career was as a model maker and puppeteer for children's television and films, notably the film Labyrinth for which he also contributed the voice of Ludo. Since then, Ron Mueck has worked as a prop and puppet creator for various films and advertisement agencies. In 1996, Ron moved from Commercial art functionality to creating Fine Art. At this point, Ron Mueck has been a staple in Contemporary art museums and has been commissioned various times to create work that remains stationary at various world art museums.

All in all, I find his work to be inspiring and intense. It takes realism and the beauty of humanity and over exemplifies it to show how unique and imperfect we can be.


Alexandra said...

These are so creepy... so life-like. ::shivers:: I wish I had more talent in sculpture. Looks like fun.

Elizabeth said...

I saw the show at the Brooklyn Muesem. It was awe inspiring. I felt like every sculpture was about to move and start interacting with one another. It was really something to see in person and I'm glad I did.