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PID Challenge

It is with thoughtless disregard to Alex's glacially slow response to her own challenge that I post our next PID Challenge assignment...

This should be simple and quick.

The next time you get a receipt, don't throw it away. Your challenge is to re-design that receipt- with the same exact information and in the same exact size and format. Everything else is up for grabs, any style, any material. If you want to turn everything into pictures instead of words- that's fine (as long as it's just as informative as the original words).

You're not restricted by receipt printer "technology", pretend this is for a client who wants to re-invent the whole concept of retail paperwork, and has the fanciest printers ever. This also isn't restricted by art could use oil paints if you like (this imaginary retail client has oil paint printers).

However, I want us to do this on the honor system....really try and make it the NEXT receipt you get (even if it's a really long grocery store one, or a really short ATM one...both extremes can yield interesting results)

*EDIT* If possible, post the original receipt with your entry.


Alexandra said...

::punches you in the face for that little remark about glaciers::

Sounds interesting! Let's see what happens! :-P

Dan Russell said...

Hey! That's my receipt!