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ATW Concept Art

Here's a sample spread for the album art I am working on. In case everyone didn't check my last post, I am working on my friend's band's album art, meaning illustrating and designing the layout of life. The theme is this young boy traversing the woods in search for the truth. Along the way, he runs into "alternate truths" or downright lies. By the end of the album booklet, he discovers the truth.

So let me know what you think guys! Again, this spread may or may not be used in the final product. Depends on what my friend agrees on :-P


Laz said...

I'm really digging this Alex, I find the illustration really interesting and I love that there is a definite world going on for these charachters. The background's lines and shapes create a sense of mystery in a small space, which i like. How are you planning on doing the color for this? If at all? I think that in itself can give it another level of intrigue.

Alexandra said...

I was thinking for the album booklet, I color it digitally in Photoshop or Painter? Although I am tempted to paint it with gouache. Not sure yet.

I actually have to ask you guys a bunch of printing questions... but that comes later :-P