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'the JETSETTING' Digipack Cover Options

Moving forward from the last conceptuals, I created these options. The client wanted something much darker and textured for the second round. Something that exuded the feeling on all levels and relying less on subtlties. These were two I thought I'd share.


Shalimar said...

i find these oddly sexy. especially the purple one with boobs. Its like this uncomfortable sexuality going on. Oddly erotic. I really like the skull woman too. Keep going with these.

Alexandra said...

I am really leaning towards the second one. I think the font is more dynamic in its placing and the image of the girl gives it, like Shal said, an uncomfortable eroticism. I really do like the illustration on the first one, though.

Chase said...

I like them both. They have such a different feeling from the first design you made. The first one of this set is very nice. I love the design of the woman. I would love to have that design on a t-shirt or something haha.

The second one I like as well. It definitely has a different feel as a CD cover and I like the center image as well as the colors used and the font. My only qualm with it are the two other pictures that are in the corners. I don't know if it's just my computer's settings, but the images in them are very unclear. I can barely make them out which could be all right, but in the case of the lower left picture, it lays ontop of the enter image, takes off a chunk of it, and doesn't contribute much to the picture other than causing an awkward cut out. It might be also because the background color of the lower picture is the same as the background color of the entire piece.

The picture in the right upper corner I do not mind so much. You can kind of make out the picture of a bridge and maybe a boat or something. And while the picture is cut off and not that clear either, it doesn't seem out of place other than making it seem like a continuation of the center picture due to the similar coloring.

So that's just me. It's mostly that bottom left picture that's bothering me haha. But regardless the designs are coming along nicely and you're going in a very interesting direction. The girl's breast also is quite different for you. You enjoy drawing the female body but you've never sensualized or eroticized their bodies so much before as this. Making them natural, cadaverous, or creepy yes, but not so much raw sexual energy. It feels like a very different approach for you and one that worked for you haha :-D