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aTw Concept Sketches

I've been asked to illustrate the album art for my friend's band, Against The Wall. These are some of the solutions I've come up with so far. The main idea is that there is this little boy and he is wanting to discover the truth (the name of the album is also "The Truth"). I see it in my head that the boy goes through the "dark" woods, and by the end of the cd booklet, finds what he is looking for.

Any input is much appreciated, as I have to present ideas to the band soon.


Ernesto said...

I'm diggin the two bottom sketches the most, they both have a fluidity I enjoy, but since I'm not familiar with the band, it's tough to say if it works with the music (I think that matters). I do like the one that says "The Truth" as well, a lighting affect would be cool on that lamp.

Eugene said...

what about something stemming from pink floyd's the wall? Perhaps a side shot of a boy locked up, and theres one brick missing in the wall, and on the outside is a lavish paradise (or an enchanted forest, or whatever) and the boy is desperate to get out and seek "the truth". Perhaps sticking his candlelight through the hole to illuminate what is on the outside.

Laz said...

I'm loving the last one especially, I think that the fluidity and freeness of the lines is really interesting to look at and could be a nice way to represent the story you want to. I think it's more original than going to photo-realistic or too heavy as in the other concept drawings. Keep us posted (no pun intended) on the progress.