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I need a name for it.
The bottom right most one is before I smoothed the blade so it's got the edge showing. It's a combination of my textures with a few of Dave's.


Shalimar said...

I dont know much about 3d so my opinion might be void. But since you are doing these so quick i think its pretty impressive. I would becareful with some of the textures. Like the red part on the sword the handle. I can see most every filter used. Maybe try and disguise them to make them look more natural. Mistle toe can be deadly if you eat it, but photoshop filters can be even deadlier if you mean it... *boom

Alexandra said...

How come the sword has one bat-like wing and a more bird-like one? Also, I think the wing with the feather texture looks oddly flat for some reason.

Shal, your mistletoe and photoshop metaphor made me fall out of my chair and turn into a potato.

Jarold Guzman said...

They are there to be used and I used them. Also, it's the effects in 3ds that makes it look like that mostly. Dave is laughing. None of his textures are done with Photoshop filters.