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'Jetsetting' EP Poster

Last week I got a call from an old friend who's a music artist, asking me if he could use some of the illustrations I do for the cd art of his upcoming EP Demo. After having a discussion with him and confirming it'd be a commissioned job, I offered him the opportunity to create the entire thing and create some new work for the band. Although it hasn't been locked in yet, I got a little ahead of myself and began fooling around with some visual concepts based on the bands music, lyrics, and mission. They wanted something dark and emotional with a very light and approachable feel to it.. After delving into their work for a few hours, I came up with the following poster. If we go with this, this would be the direction I might take for the entire packaging design.


Shalimar said...

I really like the concept of the star falling and bleeding at the feet of these kids in a classic little kid pose. Im so tired of seeing red black and white together, its a little too safe. Unless thats what the bands wants, then i guess i can forgive you. ;-P

Alexandra said...

I agree. I like the idea of the falling stars, and one is bleeding between the two kids. I also like their expressions, and the sketchy-ness of the stars. I dunno if I like the font for the word jetsetting, but again I am not good with fonts so I dunno lol. Maybe that's their font since birth and I don't want to take that away from them.

I don't mind the red, black, and white thing as much. Looking good Laz!

Chase said...

Like Shal and Alex, I'm also liking the concept of the piece. Especially love the different styles of stars in the cluster. Silhouettes are nicely positioned. While I do not mind the colors, I agree with Shal that the red, black, and white is a bit overdone in the music scene and when I look at it it doesn't feel like it's unique from other album covers. I look at this and feel like I've seen something like this before just based off colors.

Like Alex also, I'm not quite digging the font for "trendsetting." I understand the client wanted a light and approachable feel, but I felt the font used was kind of out of place and subdued, especially when you look at the style of the rest of the poster. But I'm not a designer at all so maybe this works in the end or as Shal said, in vain with what the client wanted.

Still, overall I feel like you've come up with an excellent design and I'm certain it matches the sound, lyrics, and emotions of the music because you're awesome that way haha :-D

Jarold Guzman said...

I think black red and white are just fine dude