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Work is CRAZY yo!

I'm here at work today, being ultimately bored by the magnitude of nothingness that falls on top of my creativity. But big news has recently come my way, which may just save any artistry I have left. I've been doing freelance for two different Movie Poster Agencies for the past two months, and after working nutso hours between my job and those other two, I've finally hit something good. The two places seem interested in bringing me on to work with them on a more fulltime basis. Im seriously considering the options and benefits of doing this line of work.. and hey, i love it.. which is most important. More on this later as i find stuff out.

Also, I finally found out who the illustrator of the Lavalife Subway ads is.. Check out his website.. It's some really gorgeous work:

And lastly, my boredom drawing of the day:


Shalimar said...

wow, this is great. i want to see u paint again mother fucka!

Ernesto said...

nice, nice, work it. plan yer work and work yer plan.

Alexandra said...

Your boredom drawing rawks.