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Well, as you might have noticed, all my images are busted, I have to pay my website bill, moving and getting my shit together has been a huge stain on my existence lately, especially in the money department, but its slowly getting better... Only to get worse again hehe. Besides all the stress and emotional toil I have been going through, things are good. We sign the lease for the apartment in E. Williamsburg the 25th, and then we move. Yay. Anyway I went to the Miss Rockaway Armada show today in Chelsea, it was fun, and got to see some great art... And beer. I left really inspired to make art and sell it and make thousands and millions and retire to Rio... Um, yeah. One day, in another life time. Well, you have all prob. seen my self portrait, the one with the orange thing. On the lower half of that painting, it seems to be lacking in something, and then I thought how about some typography. Then I thought of "I am woman, hear me roar" THEN I though, she cant really roar with the scarf around her face, so... "I am woman, hear me ___." It might be kinda corny, but I thought it was clever and I really like it. So I am going to make a mask (stencil) out of some typography, then paint the letters in a similar style the painting, maybe a little faded, some gradation, not sure. Anyway, here are some rough comps, I am still in the beginning stages of finding a good font and a good type setting.


Alexandra said...

Hmm.. I dunno about the typography. But if you are going to go in that direction, I like the last two versions better than the first one.

And looking at your painting makes me want to punch myself b/c I have nothing! Dammit!

jarold said...

i agree w/ alexandra