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idea! OI!

hey everyone, jarold here. i'd like to propose something. i go through this blog frequently (i'd say at LEAST once a day. i like how everyone's got something different to offer and no one does the same stuff. alot of creativity. anywho, what i want to prpose is that maybe we can take all of our styles or skills and make a colaboration of something. havent thought of that yet... some things come to mind but i want to wait and see if anyone's interested. obviously we'd hafta do computer art or something we can do through the computer.

so if anyone's interested please leave a comment to this post.
thanks ;)


Laz said...

hey man, that sounds really cool actually.. im game.. not sure what we'd do yet though.. but hell yea!

Paul said...

Massive photoshop tennis.

jarold said...

yes. i'll brings balls lol
cool 2 down :)

Shalimar said...

Put a dress on me and call me Sally.. I'm In.

Alexandra said...

Count me in!