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Utterly Useless Dictionary

I have decided that inventing words and having Paul define them would be loads of fun. Here are two of our creations.

Froomasquasher, n: A device or person that aids in the creation of cottage cheese for small, developing countries in the middle east during World War II. Usage: "Goddamn, he's a terrible Froomasquasher".

Twatasticular, n: A common disorder in Kansas City residents in which for one day in december, all the women grow small testicals on their vagina. The testicles always fall off within 23 hours of their original growth, causing an influx of balls rolling down main street- This is called the running of the twatasticular balls, and it is said that the children who witness it, always come home to find pieces of shredded paper under their pillow...A representation of their future failures. Usage: "Who doesn't like the running of the twatasticular balls!?" "Aunt Mae's twat?"


Ernesto said...

wow. brilliant. let me do some.

Alexandra said...

You guys are nuts