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Hi All, Just wanted to let you know that My website is back from the dead. I paid my bill. YAY. I also fixed the blog, added more links, and invited a new member. Its been busy for the blog.

Some of you know that I have been working on this Huge Annual Report project for the past month or so. We recently had a meeting with the CEO of the company, and he hated what I did. Well, not really what I did, because the designs was not my idea really. My boss gave me doodles and asked me to interpret them. But I am not saying its not my fault, just not 100% my fault. About 25% my fault, for not interpreting them better. So now he is bring 2 other designers, 20 year veteran designers on the project, and he is going to see who can do better. Now, what the fudge, lets talk about competition. I really don't want to lose this project, I CAN'T afford to lose it, its my main source of income for the next few months. The CEO said he wanted something more edgy and happy then we did before (click here to see the crap fest). So, I have been working on something, its sort of a mini presentation to show my creative director saying "Pick me, I still have talent even though I am an infant)

And here is what I have been working on so far. He was trying to tell this story with pictures, and now I am trying to do the same, but with more experimental type, and usage of color. I changed the grid to an odd number grid, and have expanded the color palette. The colors I am using now are to represent "Morning" and as my book progresses they will reflect the different times of day the black and white pictures represent. ANYWAY, here is what I have been doing. It is in NO WAY refined, think of them as digital thumbnails.

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Alexandra said...

This new design is much better than the other one you were working on. I think you have a good chance of landing the account woman. I wanna see your final drafts when you have them. ::thumbs up::