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well well well. what do we have here? an introduction? my word. indeed. this is good to because I am feeling a bit rambunctious. splendid! it truly is...

ok enough of that crap... this one's goin 100% jersey. (wudup)
aight, my name's Jarold. i'm a u.s. marine stuck in the dmv waiting line of life tryin to make it to the end of my contract so's that I could go to SVA. it's been like 10 yrs since I made the decision to get there. I decided I want to go to SVA since I was a freshman so I had 2 wait 2 get outta HS. after HS I got sidetracked after attempting to get into AI of philly. I really wanted SVA but philly wanted me. well the side track messed things up a bit and I woulda only had 2 wait 6 months to try again but I opted 2 join the marines so I could get mad bank for college. a 5 year contract came with it and all I've been doin is waiting and tryin 2 stay outta trouble.

it's a good thing though cuz it helped me grow up alot and become more responsible so I think I'm prepared. I got to brush up on my skills and even picked up a few things along the way. here are some example of murals or drawing I did for the marine corps or tattoos for friends.

this is me tattooing my friend Edgar. He's also a marine and this is his first tattoo. no worries, we're being very sterile.

this is the final product. yes it's upside down. lol. well.. not the tat... but yeah the cool thing about it is that its not a typical tat. it has no ink so it's just going to be a scar.

I just started practicing tattoos. I drew one on myself. I also paint, draw and make flash toons.
the paintings aren't like fine art thought. more cartoon-y or comic-Y. they're usually murals for my squadron or door art for the helicopters I worked on. so yeah I guess I put enough now, here's some things to look at if interested. I'm very open to constructive criticism
and appreciate feed back of any sort. although I don't take kindly to hostility lol ;) ok then. Bye bye now.


Alexandra said...

Welcome to the blog Jarold. (Go NB lol)

jarold said...

thanks! i remember you :) nice seein u