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Briar Rose

Hey, new version of the layout for my site. Changed location of the text and font type.. but then instead of making different variations.. I started doing the rose thing. Woop.


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better

Paul said...

Good job with the text- may need a little tweaking, but it's about 50 times better now. (And you can always win me over with Clarendon).

Not so sure about he rose...It's really well-illustrated, but there are now two main points of focus on the page. They're really fighting.

jarold said...

i think its groovy. put sumthin n the BG and u'll stand out more

Alexandra said...

Well, the rose is not in its final resting spot. I want to have it closer to the figure, behind it, I dunno. I just think the figure by itself isn't enough. Maybe I am asking for too much. At least I'm on the right track with the font lol. I'll keep working on it tonight and post up what I end up doing with it. Word son. Thanks again for everyone's inputs! ::hugs::