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Since everyone's posting so much, I feel like i need to over
Here are some Works by my grandfather, In watercolor in the 60's. I dont remember him too much, but I know he was an artist and this is the first of his works I've really seen in person.. I had thought he only did Cathedral paintings and watercolor paintings, but it turns out he also did a lot of abstract art as well.. I thought it was eerie the similarities that showed up in some of our stuff.. just judging from his three pieces.. It was wiiiiierdd.. so here it is:




Shalimar said...

Amazing. There is a very interesting dichotomy at work here between you work and your grand fathers. His work is great, I especially like the first one. Its very Graphic. I think you need to step away from the computer a bit more, and go back to painting and drawing before you forget how. I realized that this year being in front of the computer so much working was just eating at me. That why this summer, I have been non stop making non-computer art, making up for lost time. And I want you to go back to drawing and painting, Im glad your posting drawings and paintings.

Alexandra said...

Yeah I agree with Shal, just having been working on my thesis film for 2 years straight hurt my drawing capacity. I feel like I have to learn all over again. But all of us posting what we have been working on really inspires me to draw and paint more. Like I said, we all really need a painting party... to fulfill our destiny as art geeks. Word.

And it is very eeire how your and your grandfather's styles resemble one another's...