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Briar Patch

Ok, so I worked on the layout yet some more. Added/fixed the rose vector thing... and now I dunno where to put the damn menu. Dunno if it still works on top or if I should put it on the lower right corner. You tell me.

Or just do the damn type treatment for me. Ploop.


Paul said...

Yeah! Nice placement on the flower, I like the integration. Don't feel too obligated to use that white-space on the right. The type treatment is a hard one. I think I prefer the second one, but I still think you can do better :-)

Alexandra said...

AHHH Help me Paul lol. I hate type treatments! GAHHH!!! This is why I'm an animator! Jebus!

I dunno dude I am going to keep fucking around with it til it hits me. Like BAM! Ploop.