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Random Stuff

Long Monday, in class I made a few little sketches and stuff. All pretty random and silly. Just thought I would post em.

1.This is some silly olives with a head popping out the side. Makes no sense, no purpose, just wanted to play with my gold marker.

2. I bought some spray paint at a store called Scrap Yard, its a special oil based spray paint. They have got some great colors, so this is just me playing with the paint seeing out the colors go together... and to make a funny face.

3. This was a doodle i did in class today, makes no sense. And neither do the notes, dont bother reading them.

4. This is a little more abstract. My teacher was showing us all these surreal paintings based on dreams, and I just kept taking elements of each picture and sketching as fast as I could. I made a mess, but its a fun surreal mess.

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Alexandra said...

I really like sketch number 4. It would make a kick-ass painting. Ah man I wish I was taking a class. Give me something to do. I don't take time for granted a much when I have a class. Ploop.