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PID Traffic Report

Based on the following stats, the blog still is only really read by ourselves. It works as a community system between the contributors. Few outsiders read the content.

In the past 30 days...

724 visits to PID:
-13% are direct (typed in "")
-74% are referred from another site (myspace, etc)
-12% by search engine

Of the 74% that are through referrals:
-35% are from (other blogs)
-20% are from (this counts as a deal)
-13% are unknown
-7% are via Myspace

Of the 724 visits:
-183 individual people visited
-A full total of 1201 pageviews
-1.6 pageviews per person (remember, the majority of the relevant content is on one page)
-Visitors spent an average 12 minutes on the site
-However, most visitors (70+ percent) spent less than 10 seconds
-21% of all visitors in the past 30 days were first timers
-33% of visitors have visited PID over 200 times (I believe that would be mainly the contributors)

-The most popular post was Laz's about Ron Mueck with 32 unique pageviews (not counting it's time on the front page)
-The next popular post was with 10 pageviews.

-70% of visitors use Macintosh

-54% of visitors use Firefox
-26% use Safari
-17% use Internet Explorer

-61% have cable
-30% have DSL
-2% have Fiber Optic (eh hem)
-.5% have Dialup

-679 of the visitors were from the U.S.
-9 from Canada
-6 from Australia
-4 from the U.K.
-2 from Thailand
-2 from Switzerland
-1 from Egypt
-1 from Iran

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

I dunno about you, but I am fucking thrilled we have international visitors! ::waves at international visitors::