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Is Print dead?

Steven Heller writes a brief encounter with the idea and presents some interesting questions/ideas in his short blurb.

What do you all think?
Is Print dead?

And how/where do you read the news?

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Alexandra said...

Well, I think the example he used for the newspaper is an odd one. Because even though newspapers are cool, it might be a better idea to save some trees and just look at it online. Then again, having a physical newspaper in your hands can be fun (and useful for art projects).

But I digress. I think in some cases web helps print. In others, not so much. I frequent this web comic and many of the cartoonists there eventually print their webcomics as a volume. I would and have totally bought some of these volumes. Again, I like holding/smelling books. Some of my friends prefer having everything in a digital format.

I think print is not dead nor will it die any time soon. Unless trees die. Then yes. It just depends on personal taste and what the medium is.

Christine said...

Is print dead? Did film die with the advent of HD? Did oil paint go the way of the dinosaur when the acrylic was introduced?

People constantly predict the death knell for format as newer, bigger, not necessarily better mediums are created. I feel that it gives us more options for our work and the types of audiences we want to reach.

The idea of a multiple editions is one that has worked for musicians, illustrators and film makers. Like the simultaneous release of Soderberg's "Bubble". Granted, this film wasn't a block buster like his more recent Oceans 13 which didn't have a simultaneous but you have to give the man credit for question the distribution model. Or as Alexandra points out, the cross over success of web comics, notably Dean Hapseil and Micheal Fiffe's "Brawl" which is being released through Image Comics.