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Daniel Edwards/ Sculptor Spotlight

In this day in age, it is nearly impossible to escape the latest news about Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton getting into their weekly adventurous romp of self destruction. I find that even going to my usual comic book, graphic design, or film news websites, I'm constantly haunted by people's commentaries and attentions directed to these troubled starlets. Is it just the way we've continued to mold our society? Are we, as a people, so bored with our own lives that we feel the need to intrude on other's lives and get a sadistic satisfaction out of their young downfalls? I suppose, with all the evidence around us, the answer is: Yes.

I can remember, distinctly, a time where there was a lot less focus on the flaws of American Stars. Where if someone had a genuine narcotic problem, it was met with concern and respect. Media and News has always been fascinated with all of it, but not to the extreme it has become. As guilty as I am of the same innate fascination, I feel truly sorry for these individuals who don't even have the moments to breathe and get on their feet. I understand addictions intimately, and I know that it does not change the "good" in someone, but merely is a disposition. One that the American Media, tabloids, and stations do not respect.

But, I digress a bit, as the intro I have written is a segue to a very interesting individual. While searching for any new New York City based artists exhibiting in the area, I found myself coming across a very interesting sculptor who takes a lot of what we find relevant in our current times and molds it to cater to his personal messaging. The name of this man is Daniel Edwards. Edwards' work addresses Celebrity downfalls and the obsession with Popular culture in a very expressive, interpretive way.

Edwards' work has often been met with extreme controversy. Not only by the likes of Media culture itself, but also from the art community. In my search, I found that either the art critics absolutely loved his work, or hated it. Some felt as though the work was an exact and true social commentary with more subtext to be interpreted and found by the viewer. Others felt as though the idea of celebrity commentary was tasteless and cliche. I disagree with the latter. I feel as though as artists we are given the opportunity to create based on our personal views, as each view is completely different and unique. Celebrity isn't new territory, nor is a sense of propaganda that shines through his work, but I find it truly interesting. I look at his work and it's thought provoking and intricate.

Below are some of his works and a youtube video about one of his pieces. Thoughts??

"Paris Hilton Autopsy":

"Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston":

"Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton":

"Fidel Castro in Central Park":

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