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Artists Spotlight: Luc Melanson and Tauba Auerbach

Above: Luc Melanson's work. Below: Tauba Auerbach's work.


Laz said...

It may be my whole "Black Meets White" phase kicking in, but I adore the work of Tauba Auerbach's work. I especially love it's seemingly old vintage feel on the 1st and third piece. The last piece particularly reminds me of Escher. I love that work.

I'm glad you had these two together in one post as well, they share similiarities in energy/style somehow and seem to go hand in hand. Thanks for showing these :)

Alexandra said...

Yeah, I found Tauba's work a few days ago, and it really interests me. Especially how she reworks type and pattern in her pieces.

Luc's work has a retro, flat feel to it, and I absolutely love it. It even has some collage aspects to it, and I love me some collage.