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Illustration Work

A new illustration piece I created for the upcoming issue of 'Movmnt' Magazine. Pick up the issue to see the entire incorporated piece.


Alexandra said...

Looks awesome :-)

Christine said...

i like the street art/stencil on top of paint on top of wheat paste feel to this illustration. it feels likes integrated but also like the elements are separate. i would like to know what the context is. What is the subject matter of the accompanying story?

Laz said...

The illustration was done for a piece about the rising fad of the seemingly normal individual becoming famous from the likes of immediate celebrity (i.e. Youtube). It's supposed to have a darker tone to signify the writer's stance on the subject, which is that this instant celebrity can be a downfall. This project went through a dozen revisions i'd say, and ultimately, the editor wanted something with a modernist meets pop art feel. I took some nods from Warhol mixed with my own style and poof..

There it is!