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Letters from Relatives.

Then I get a little sad for them.


Paul said...


But...what was wrong with the first sentence of the second paragraph?

Laz said...

Although it was nice in thought, It didn't rub me the right way. I didn't like that it referenced me as a child, it seemed to imply her thoughts of me as a child in comparison to who i am now. In my ideal, who I am now is who i am to be loved as.

Alexandra said...

It was a tough letter, and I think you handled the situation very well.

Life is hard, but always remember who's there on your side. :-D PID FO' LIFE YO!

Ernesto said...

man, fuck that shit. I wouldn't go. That's got to be some tough shit to deal with. C'mon now, if not at her wedding, then who's?

don't know how you're handling it, I'm sure you're doing the right thing.

excuse me if I spoke out of place.....