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Suburban Glamour

Came across a very interesting new comic title from Image Comics, titled Suburban Glamour. I find the artwork to be really interesting for an Image title and the covers i've posted are fantastically designed. The title is about two british teenagers who's seemingly dull life changes when Astrid (main character) is visited by her old childhood imaginary friends who bring a message. Something is coming, and it's not good.

Visit this link for more information on the comic and an interview with the series' creator, Jamie McKelvie.


Christine said...

I picked up all of Phonogram because of the artwork mostly. I was not the into the writing after the first issue. There seemed to be more to the story that was not explored. It didn't quite feel like it's own real world. But McKelvie's art was totally engrossing. I love what he does with just simple lines and interesting tonal blocks. It reminds me of a more refined Los Hernadez Brothers.

These covers are very well designed and I am looking forward to seeing how McKelvie uses colors in service of the story.

Laz said...

I haven't read any of his other work, but I think i might just to check out the artwork. If you visit the link in the post, you'll see a preview of the first issue and I have to agree. There are a lot of artists that use his type of style, but little have an intrigue and quality to back it up like his work seems to do. The concept also seems really interesting. Hopefully he took what he did before in other projects and improved on them.

Nice comment by the way! :)

Alexandra said...

I agree with Christine, they look like refined Los Hernandez Bros comics, with more pattern and texture involved. Although I am not sure I would be interested in the story too much. The art does draw you in. Can one of you guys scan in a page so I can scope it out? lol