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The Snuggie. Satire or Satanic?

During this holiday season, I'm sure everyone had a lot more time to catch up with friends, family, pets, book reading, and more importantly, TELEVISION. I for one definetly got a chance to catch up on some good ol tube watching. One common thread I found on both primetime and daytime television was the most frightening, cultish, and evil commercials known to man. At least right now.

So what is this snuggie? Why has it's influence rendered blanket wearers so trapped inside a simple piece of fabric? And why do they all look like they're about to sacrifice some virgin for their beloved demon monster from hell?



Paul said...

Haha, I was thinking the same thing! They all look like they're members of the Stonecutters. One day I want to put together a montage of black and white "before/wrong" footage from these sort of infomercials. I mean look at this woman with her old's so complicated...and her house, so cold!

Laz said...

I agree.. Maybe she might want to replace her heating system. Plus, they should go ahead and make Snuggies for dogs! That dog is cooooold.

Monica said...

I say we do a montage of infomercials and us ordinary citizens putting the As Seen on TV products to good use. Can we really light car wax on fire and NOT blow up a car? How snuggie can we get?

Laz said...

My favorite is the double snuggie for two people. No joke. It's one for you and a loved one, so you can 'Snuggie' together. I wanna see trying to get separate cell-phones together that way

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

Put a frigging sweater on, you morons!
I mean, you can come up with anything these days and people would do a stupid infomercial about it.

coffee said...

it's too bad the Snuggie has that drafty, hospital gown thing going for it... it would be better if it wrapped around all the way