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The iconography of all information everywhere

Google's mission statement is " organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". Does that make this new, scary favicon that showed up this week the new icon of collective human knowledge?  

No, no it doesn't.  

But seeing as how pervasive it can be, I have the question the intent of the design. It's hard enough for Google to do pixel-scale stuff with their serif typeface (the previous icon had it's work cut out for itself). But did they really need this mash-up of corporate colors?


Shalimar said...

This new favicon has been distracting the pants off me at work. I have to walk around with extra pants in my bag, and pull em out anytime i have to search for something online.

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

Everything distracts the pants off you at work Shali.

Shalimar said...

mainly your little bald head.:-)