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Shepard Fairey on Hope

A video of Shepard Fairey talking about his roll in the Obama campaign. Even though I am an on and off fan of Shep's work and style, I think he comes off as a bit of a little cocky potato. Then again when you've reached his status, maybe you are allowed a ration of arrogance. But I think he might have used it all up in the past few months. Besides his rambling about his famed Hope poster, what I found really intriguing was what was going on in the background. He and his assistants putting together one of his large pieces. I always thought that those were print outs, like the one I saw in the Spring Street show a couple years ago. Apparently not, they are spray painted and put together by hand. Which gives him some points in my book.


I dont know how I feel about this.

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ernesto said...

sounds like a douche.