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'The Aquarium' Updates

So a few weeks ago, I let everyone know the basic idea of my upcoming work on the graphic novel i've been going crazy trying to develop. I've been working hard on the story and fooling around with some styles, and here's a little update on my progress:

ALSO, the working title right now is, 'The Aquarium'.


Alexandra said...

This is going to be an awesome comic! Can't wait to see more :-) A small suggestion: Make sure when you reduce the page (print it to scale) that the text is legible. My inking teacher would constantly tell us that while working on our pages. On the second page, you have tons of empty space above the woman's head, so you can make the word bubble bigger and give the text more room.

::eagerly anticipates next post::

astrobatboy said...

This is looking great- such an interesting style you've chosen. It really enforces that retro feel.

Ernesto said...

ah...kept me moving forward...well done.

typo in first word bubble. "in tact" should be "intact"

werd. -e