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Being that I am a long time Henry Selick admirer- it's no surprise that I would be promoting his latest piece 'Coraline'. I've been anticipating this one since rumors hit forums. I also got a chance to see some of the actually puppets and sets at a convention I went to this past summer. I recommend reading the book written by another favorite of mine- Neil Gaiman- it's a quick read with a touch of sugar & spice.

Here are some promos- you've might have seen some of them, I've seen this huge one on an upper east side building:

And now I leave you with the trailer for the film, out in theaters February 6th!


Alexandra said...

OMG This looks amazing! I can't wait til February 13th!

astrobatboy said...

LOL 6th! the 6th

Alexandra said...

Hmmm, then I was lied to by Wikipedia!