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[Work In Progress] New York Times

Im still working on this. I was told my last design was too stiff. I think I am having a hard time breaking from the rigidness of the grid. So, I am trying to have more fun with it and break some rules without it being too... Boooj.


Alexandra said...

Hey I never thought the last design was stiff! I do like how you broke up the contents section on the bottom of the page. The gray on the last design was bothering me, esp since the top bar is black. Good job.

I think their is too much negative space when it comes to the two articles. I know the articles continue onto other pages, but I like how more of the page was filled up in the last design.

Maybe for the Black Market artice, try one more same-sized paragraph to the right of the original and leave the image where it is. Ah maybe I should shut up, being that I am not a graphic designer and would probably make a page that would offend the unoffendable.

Whoever said design is easy is a can of whip cream.

Jarold Guzman said...

I see how it's getting better... I feel like you like the pic of the heart in the meat package so much that you are making a big focus on it. Almost like you don't wanna have the article's paragraphs in hte way... nah mean yo? But I don't know n e thing about this stuff so i could be wrong :(