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What I really do at work

I haven't been posting in a while. And I am sure this makes you all very sad. I know it does me. So, since I am extremely bored at work today, I decided that I should show you exactly what it is I do here .

These are called "catalog sheets", although my boss calls them "beautiful sheets". Anyway, I take pictures of the framed art/picture frames and slap them on a sheet.
Above, yet more examples of those marvelous catalog sheets. Below, I had to completely fake these mirrors in Photoshop using gradients. Spiffy. But it makes you ask the question... who actually buys mirrors that look like that? What purpose do they serve? Someone has to buy them, if not I wouldn't being putting them on a sheet. God help us all.
Well, that's enough for now. Don't want to scar your retinas for life (you might need them). I plan on doing that Mr. PID challenge (I didn't forget Shal, I am just lazy as shit is stinky) and try my hand at speed designing and see what mess is created from the process.

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Shalimar said...

Lol. Your too funny.