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[Work In Progress] New York Times

Working on some quick stuff for portfolio. These are not done yet. But I am looking for some opinions / critiques etc etc.


Laz said...

I think it looks pretty tight. the only thing i'm not digging, are the stroked boxes that are overlapping on the 'A Black market, In the Red' Piece. Maybe adding a dotted or dashed stroke to it or even pushing them off to the side. They just distract my eyes from the image (which is uber powerful).

Shalimar said...

OOo, i like the idea of a dashed stroke. I am not 100% on the boxes yet either. But, someone once told me, its easier to add alot and then take away later, than to barely have anything and have to add stuff. So thats the mentality im trying to follow.

Alexandra said...

I like them, but the only thing that is bugging me (a little) is that the top bar is black, while the bottom bar is gray. I think they should both be the same color. I also think the dashed lines on the "A Black Market, In The Red" is a good suggestion, although the stroke as is doesn't distract me from the image.