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RIP, The Future.

So last week we found out at work, that we were going to a conference based on Pharmaceuticals and other medical issues. In doing some research, the art director and I realized that Micheal J. Fox was going to be a key-not speaker at this conference. Being two people very interested in commercial aspects of publishing, immediately jumped to the idea that we could have a chance to have a real, genuine, albeit 80's celebrity on one of our covers. In the pharmaceutical industry, this doesn't happen often whatsoever. We were beyond ourselves with happiness.. Until they told us we had a contract with someone else and couldnt utilize Mr. Fox. Then, we were very sad designers.

But before we cried ourselves to sleep, we created a mock cover of what MJF would look like if he graced our cover.
And just for a design perspective on this, as we are a design blog, that photo of MJF is about 3 photos of him. His neck, his clothes, and his face are all seperate photos of him that were frankensteined together to create one whole man. And the background (A skyline of boston where the conference will be held), is also a seperate element in itself... We would have also ideally made the golden color on the cover, a metallic pantone.

So I take this time to bid farewell to the only opportunity we might ever have to having someone even remotely close to being a celebrity, on our cover. R.I.P my back to the future pharmaceuticals friend. We would have loved thee so..



Alexandra said...

Michael J. Fox is the man!!! Maybe there will be another time...

Shalimar said...

Jeez, for a second there i though he died. lol. NO STARTING POSTS with RIP! lol