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Hi all, I was just browsing our blog, and I have to say, I am very proud of all of those who take the time to post and comment. We are all producing amazing work, and we are all pretty young so I think in a few years looking back on this blog will be a really great experience.

on a slightly different note. imagine if we could see what our work would look like .. say 5 years from now, hell, 1 year can make a huge difference. Do you think that if we see our better selves, we would be encouraged to out do our future selves, or just sit back and relax because we see we are eventually gunna rock...

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Laz said...

If i could see my future self, would I end up causing a space time continuum rift, causing myself to never exist and ultimately altering the lives of others? Hmmm.. I'm scared.

Alexandra said...

I think I would be encouraged to out-do my future self. I mean, I get inspired to produce quality art everything I see you guy post your amazing art... so it would be the same effect if I were to see myself in the future.

And if I weren't producing amazing art myself in the future, I'd be so pissed, that I'd have to change that possible future outcome.

Alexandra said...

*you guys.

Typos are the death of me.