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Kid Craft

So a couple of weeks ago, My aunt asked me to put together some quick logo concepts for a little business she wants to start up. It's going to be a kid friendly jewelery, t-shirt, and all around accessories line. All of the products are hand made and give the children a chance to really have their ideas for accessories brought to life. So they have a hand in the craft so to speak. She wasn't sure what she wanted to go for, so there wasn't much in terms of direction, but she definetly wanted it to remain youthful, modern, and fun. I came up with these as a test in about 15 minutes, just to get myself in the swing of things. I liked some of the gazillion I tried, and am posting those here.

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Alexandra said...

Oh I like them all! They are really playful and colorful, all things I think of when I think of kids and crayons and arts & crafts. I think I like the lower right orange smiley. That would make an incredibly cute looking tag.