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Senior Portfolio (Long Post)

So, as already made clear by Shalimar both here and on MySpace- our portfolio crazyness is over with– essentially ending our senior year. Now that we've handed them in, and gotten them back all graded, I figured I would share with you the book I created. Most of my senior design work is represented in here...from a handful of classes. What isn't in the book is my Motion Graphics Portfolio projects (all of which are posted earlier in the blog). I spent about a month designing the book, and a solid week printing and assembling it (Printing it took 8 solid hours...but it was worth it, the quality is amazing if I do say so, myself).

This thing got a "10+++" by my teacher and Richard Wilde, the head of the design department. To the best of my knowledge, that's the highest grade possible :-)

Below you can see every spread as JPEGs. If you'd prefer, I also have a PDF here and a crappy QuickTime flip through here.


Shalimar said...

thats great and all, but did you have to post the entire book! *punch*

Paul said...