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subway personas

from an old digital camera, taken a few years back, and the good old camera phone.


Paul said...

Absolutely hysterical! I want the mexican wrestler troubadour to be my new best friend!

Did any of these people give you a hard time?

Shalimar said...

I love these pictures. I always want to take pictures of strange people on the street/subway. But im too shy. Do you mind if i use some of these as reference for drawings. I love drawing weird ugly people.

Ernesto said...

no hard times, sometimes I would ask while proclaiming their awesomeness, or I was very discreet as to not disturb the reality in front of me.

do not mind at all Shal, it's PID and potatoes fer me.

....weird,ugly,bizarro,beautiful,human,stinky,all that stuff runs thru my head when it happens.

Alexandra said...

These are awesome. I especially love the picture of the "woman" wearing the bright pink sweater, eating yogurt.