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The Doors - People Are Strange

Great band and an excellent piece by Violenn Simon for an art school project at ENSAAMA School of Visual Communication, Paris 2008. It inspires me to take a song and turn it into a sketchbook maddness piece as well.

People are strange from Denis Fongue on Vimeo.


Shalimar said...

This is amazing. I've often thought about doing work based on music lyrics. The idea of the visual interpretation of music and the typographical opportunity with the use of lyrics makes life happy with fun.

Paul said...

Good god, there so much here! Part of me wants to compare it to a music video, but it's more like a story board, but not in that 'unfinished' way. The concept is fascinating, and the execution choice of having a hand turn pages was interesting (verses having the drawings come up as "slides", full screen).

Alexandra said...

A truly creative solution.

Violenn said...

Thank you very much for your interest :)