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Who ripped off who?


Alexandra said...

Even if they didn't copy off TrueBlood (which I doubt), the moment they saw that TrueBlood came out with a similar campaign before they launched theirs, they should have thrown this out and started from scratch. It's like when Pixar came out with Finding Nemo and then Dreamworks came out with Shark Tale (which I had to look up because I forgot the name of it).

Sybil Disobedience said...

jennifer's body as in the hole song? diablo!

Laz said...

It was a super close call, but if my memory serves me right, True Blood came out with their campaign and had it on the streets before this poster was launched. Most likely, the 'Jennifer's Body' poster was in mechanical stage at this point, and the studio wasn't fully aware enough. Regardless, to Alex's point, they should have done a major re-design shortly after, but i dont believe they have. I wouldnt be surprised if they do when the release date comes closer.

Old School said...