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So when I was younger I had a love for photography and while my love of photography remained the same, my passion for taking photos dissipated, until recently. I'm interested in taking a photography course in the near future (a focus on 35mm film) and wanted critiques on some of my work to get started. So I ask the peanut gallery...what do you think?


Ernesto said...

looks to me like you should keep taking photographs. your eye for composition is right on.

though I'm on the fence about Film vs Digital. With the Digital SLR's that are out on the market right now, I find it hard to be swayed by the "romance" of film, especially 35mm. The grain would drive me nuts, plus the processing & lab time. Maybe if it was larger format film? I've got a Nikon D70, it's a few years old now, and I still LOVE it.

Paul said...

Re: Your photos
I'm going to give a proper critique soon, I promise.

Re: Ernie/Film/Digital
While I agree there are endless benefits to be had with digital (hell, 99% of what I shoot is digital), in terms of learning, I think it's very helpful to start with film.

With film, it's easier to learn about the original technical concepts behind photograph...everything from exposure, ISO and depth of field to developing and printing. It answers a lot of the "whys" for many photographic procedures. Digital SLRs really are the way they are because they do their best to mimic the behavior of film SLRs. If the digital camera were invented first (whaa?) do you honestly think there would be an ISO setting? I feel like there's much to be gained by starting with film.

I can understand not liking the grain of film. Personally I love it. The photos I get from my film camera have a coloration/grain pattern/feeling that I could NEVER get with digital, no matter how long I sit with it in Photoshop.