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On my way to work, I often switch my iphone to it's ipod function and get lost in the worlds of my eclectic (often inconsistently varied) music. This morning, I did something I usually don't do, which is take advantage of my video viewing capabilitie For the first time in a while, I was watching music videos. It was rare for reasons very obvious: The lack of Music Television *fuck you MTV*. The lack of creativity in most of the video world. And most importantly, the lack of respect for said videos that are made with creativity and beauty *fuck you mtv music video awards*.

In that experience, I thought i'd take advantage of the world wide web and share some music videos that have either inspired me visually, inspired me creatively, or inspired me emotionally. I may be updating this post throughout the day, as I may remember some that are essential. Please feel free to post your personal Favorites, as i'd love to see.. Also feel free to add some commentary and reasoning. I feel as though showing some love for video work is very important.

LAZ's Picks:

'Try' by Nelly Furtado
Directed by Gerald Eaton, Brian West

This Video was really one of the first time that a music video hit me so hard on every level (emotionally, visually, creatively) that it brought me to tears. The cinematography is so beautiful and the storyline compliments the song's folk sound and pacing. I truly love this video and it's worth a major look.

'Freetime' by Kenna

A really nicely done video, it's hilarious and works to really utilize the kinetic energy of the song.

'Not Ready to Make Nice' by Dixie Chicks

This video reminds me a lot of the stylistic choices of Nelly Furtado's 'Try'. The video has a simplistic edge and utilizes iconic and almost theatrical visuals and sets to bring the messages to the forefront without overshadowing the emotional aspects of the song. Another beautifully shot video.

'Unsent' by Alanis Morissette

I feel as though not many videos can successfully have a constant storyline with subtitled dialogue. This video works in ways that are even surprising to me. I can read the subtitles, listen to the song, and watch the stories and still get them all perfectly. The filmed story compliments the tone and heartaches amazingly and the last silent dialogue is heartwrenching and surprisingly effective.

'Fidelity' by Regina Spektor

Another visually stunning narrative that takes the flow of the song and really gives expressive quality. It's a song that can be both sad and fun, and the video takes that into consideration and runs with it. It's one video that makes me smile by the end of it everytime without fail. :)

'The Nobodies' by Marilyn Manson

I'm a huge fan of just about all of Marilyn Manson's work, both in video and in fine art. His videos have a very artistic approach and a very dark visual stimulation that I connect with very well. He's great at using iconography and peice mealed looks that come together very organically and emotionally. It hurts looking at some of his stuff but in the best way I can understand. He's a walking art and this video just about rocks on all levels.

'Doctor Blind' & 'Our Hell' by Emily Haines

Just watch them. You'll FEEL what I mean when they are done. Nuff Said.

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