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I just took a gig for my old high school to do a poster ad for their upcoming, first Alumni Cabaret Benefit show which will later (upon the selection of a direction) become other executions such as playbills, flyers, etc. I had to come up with three concepts, and although it was a really difficult process, I think I got through it and came out with some decent concepts. I ended up with 4 which is 1 less than I assumed.

Any feedback on your personal favorite would be fantastic, just to get an idea from some fresh eyes which is resonating most.


Paul said...

Those are all really cool! I like the last two the best.

Alexandra said...

I agree, all the posters are really awesome. The first one really calls out to me though. Maybe because I like what you did with the text (part of the mic cord) and the retro, textured feel. I also like the last one, the illustration of the cluster of musical instruments in silhouette is clever, although the background seems to take my attention from it a tad.

Ernesto said...

I really like the first one, though simple, it really encompasses different artistic expressions.

The others are great, but they seem heavy on music or not expressive enough towards Visual Arts as much as Performing Arts.

All nice to look at fer sure.

Shalimar said...

I love all of these. They all feel very complete and are exciting to look at. As I told you before; my favorite has to be the first one with the mic. The typographic manipulation you pulled off there is the kind of thing i love. Good job all around!
You talented sumbitch!

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

Awesome work, you sonofambichis!
I like them all, but I would stay away from the second one, since it's too pretty for the kind of event. If I have to choose one, I would go with #1, or #4. There, I chose 2.