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As some of you already know, my next pet project will be a small graphic novel. I've been dying to dabble in the comic book world since I was 0 years old and really feel as though this coming year would be the best time to really tackle it as a side project.

Some of you might be adding to the book, if you think it's something within your liking and time. I'd love if you guys did, as my idea is to really incorporate a wild style fusion into this book.

The book in simplest terms is about a young girl, sabotaged by someone in her immediate circle, who finds herself in the grips of a coma. Not meant to survive the accident planned to put her into the coma, the girl must fight the clock and her way through the depths of her own mind to get back to the real world. Her ultimate mission? To find clues hidden in her past that may answer the mystery behind her impending doom. Along the way, the girl finds out many fascinating, and horrifying things about her past, present, and future. In the real world, the only thing that stands between continual attempts at laying the girl to rest is the aid of a struggling medical student who has a feeling that all may not be as it seems with his patient. In a race to survive, the girl, her unknowing hero, and the complex world inside her mind are moved to epic lengths.

Below are some test covers for the book that i thought i'd try out.

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BradyDale said...

are you just looking for collaborators within your crew or are you going larger?
Man, wouldn't it be fascinating if someone did an "open source GN?" Like if someone really big like SETH tried to do it, or an artist like Jonathan Lethem.

Anyway, I'd help you get attention for this idea if you want to make it wide open, but I think you'd need to give people more guidance on what you're looking for. This concept does open a LOT of possibilities, though, which is pretty awesome.