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Digital, digital, digital. Everything is going digital. As a reaction and an embrace, my band is releasing it's debut EP digitally through all of the various music services, but we are creating a limited physical edition.

My band mate is an excellent draftsman and crafts these intricate line drawings. So for our packaging, we are cutting them up, collaging them and stamping them with a custom stamp of our logo in a burgundy color. It will be labor intensive but we are limiting the edition to 300 and we are going to sell some on CD Baby and we through our forthcoming website. Most of them will be made to order.

Above is my third attempt to translate the collage effect to the black and white printing that will be on the CD itself. This is the reason that I have been missing from the blog lately. Mixing is a serious task and this is the fun stuff at the end of a long dark tunnel of bass.

We get the master Monday or Tuesday. We plan to release The Chinatown EP in late November or early December. Then we get to have a party!

I would love some input on this idea.


Alexandra said...

I really like it! I get the optical illusion of it being collage. I also think that having a limited amount of physical cds makes them very desirable. Do you have a cd slip/booklet in the works? Or how is it being packaged?

And defintely keep up posted on the release! :-D

Shalimar said...

I love this, love the drawings and the collaged element. And- totally digging the black and white. Ditto on alex's comment... any slip cover or something of that nature?