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Gunshow Retooled

No one liked the typography on this, all for different reasons. I can understand all arguments but for some reason it feels right to me, and I've grown attached to it because I actually have reasoning for making it the way it is, which I barely ever do. BTW. this is an old illustration that I retooled a bit for my brothers band.


Alexandra said...

Oh mummy (get it???).

Lemme see the older GS posters you did with this fontage. Maybe I'll grow into it. Or maybe I am an evangelical potato.

Ernesto said...

don't know.....hmmm, the typography works, but I think the reworked art, which I loved before, looks like it needs......lipstick? the type is so "glam"....dig? I shut up now.

Juan Pablo Dominguez said...

I love the type treatment, and goes excellent with the gauze style of the head, and the colors. Loved it. I'm a great supporter of your point of view, although I don't see it matching a death metal band feel. But the joke is on you. BTW, why Death Metal, stop hating. Stop it!