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Posters I like this week

I came across a lot of posters in the past week or so that really caught my eye- More so than usually. I figured I'd post a few here...

These aren't really going to be posted in any particular order.

Al Franken: God Spoke

Maybe not appropriate for the subject matter of the film (I don't even think the name of the film is appropriate for the film's subject matter)- but I think the image is strong and effective. You simply can't go wrong with a human face- it'll draw you in everytime.



The Bridge

For a documentary about suicide, I don't think there could be a more perfect photo.

The OH in Ohio

I dunno if I REALLY like either of these- but I find the image of a woman's crotch in a bikini to be brave. I hope some religious person mistakes this for a children's movie.

The Science of Sleep

Very elegant

The Quiet

One of the two posters I saw that encouraged me to make this blog post. I think this is such a cool poster. Gotta love the touch of blue.


Great colors, great layout, great drawing(s).


Alexandra said...

The Motel poster is my favorite, as well as The Science Of Sleep. Michael Gondry is an amazing director btw.

Paul said...

Yeah, they've been plastering a lot of the motel ones downtown- I love looking at them.

I didn't know until recently that Gondry did Eternal Sunshine- I'm looking forward to Science of Sleep.

jarold said...

something about that dude w/ the flag makes me lose interest... idk what it is but then again, percentage...