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Well, I don't have any art at the moment to post. But I have a thought that I would like to share. I went for a walk today in the rain, it was lovely. So I passed by NY Central (if you don't know, its an art supply store on 11th ST and 3rd Ave) and I went in and spent some money. :-) it was fun. But what I wanted to share was that, NY Central is the best art store I have been too. They have such a huge selection, especially for being so small. And they have great service, they package everything up for you really nice and all that fun stuff, kind of like they actually care ya know. The Pearl on Canal has a good selection, but it is kind of obnoxious in a way. ANYWAY, that is my random blurb for the day. Maybe I should actually go use those supplies I bought.


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Alexandra said...

Oh I always go there for paper. Good little store. :-)