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New Painting

Hi All, I am back, with a vengance. Anyway, here is a new painting I did. This one is about 4 by 3 feet give or take a few inches, and in on a thick f*cking piece of plexiglass. Its really heavy ...yay. This is a crappy photo of it, but its one of those thigns that just looks so much better in person because you can catch the dimensionality of the plexy and the layers of spraypaint etc. You can even see some reflection in it of my apartment and my legs and stuff. Weird. La Di Da. Give me some critique y'all. woot Woot.


jarold said...

thats so sweet... iit's got this cool green tint that u prob didnt even do on purpose which makes it uber-fantastico. it's cool how her clothes arent visible. it's like she's wearing a green dress in front of a green screen.

Paul said...

This is my favorite painting of yours.

Alexandra said...

Just love it.